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    Questionable Preceptor

    I am currently a student doing my capstone/transition to practice on a medsurg floor and will graduate in about 3 weeks. This is my first time being back in the hospital since COVID hit. I have not been in the hospital or seen a real patient in about 4 months. I have told my preceptor this and have asked her to be patient with me. I am assigned to the same preceptor for 11 12 hour shifts. This is my first time seeing certain skills, equipment, etc. For example, my first day on the unit was the first time that I have seen drains (penrose, JP) and I asked her if she could explain what it is and how to drain it because my school did not teach us about them. My preceptor responded with "How have you not seen this before?" She asked me to do a central line blood draw as well which my school also did not cover how to do so I told my preceptor if she could could explain to me how to do it as I go because I have never done one before and she rolled her eyes and said "Just watch me do it" but did not explain what she was doing when performing the skill. She also told me to push meds no matter what it is over about a minute, which seems unsafe to me. She was annoyed with me when I was pushing the meds too slow and I explained to her that the drug book said to push it over a certain number of minutes which is why I was going slow. When I have questions she gives me very short vague responses and seems irritated that I do not know certain things. My preceptor has not really taught me anything and makes me feel like I cannot ask questions due to her vague replies. It is just frustrating because I was looking forward to be with a preceptor and potentially getting a job on the unit after graduation. Is there something I can do to make my experience better?

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