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  1. Applying to Wayne State 2018

    @Zibozam I just got my acceptance yesterday!! Lets chat in text or email?
  2. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    I have not heard anything. They said applicants will hear something in December. Have you?
  3. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    Oh OK. Cool.
  4. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    I'm from Michigan so applying to a couple here. Are you from Indiana?
  5. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    Yes. I'm sorry. I was mixing up schools. I have a 3.5 GPA.
  6. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    Will finish patho n nutrition courses in fall so won't know GPA quite yet.
  7. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    Yeah. Waiting till December. How are your stats? Are you from Indiana? Any other schools you applied to?
  8. IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

    How are things going? I applied for the Spring as well.
  9. Accelerated nursing program

    Oh WOW!. That is quite expensive. I am from Michigan so have been looking at Michigan schools.
  10. Accelerated nursing program

    What about the tuition rates?
  11. Accelerated nursing program

    Where did you guys apply for ABSN programs?
  12. IUPUI ABSN 2020

    Hello, What were your qualifications if you don't mind me asking?
  13. ABSN at WSU

    I will be applying to WSU ABSN program. I have not seen any threads pertaining to this so I would like to start one. Anybody applying this year?
  14. Applying to Wayne State 2018

    WOW!. Zibozam I am applying for the CD2 program this year? Any advice for me on making sure my application is competitive?
  15. Wayne State Fall 2020 PMHNP program

    May I ask...if you went to the ABSN program at Wayne State?