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MICU_RN08 has 7 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. UPENN DNP CRNA 2023

    I got my email this morning. Accepted!! So relieved and thankful!
  2. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

  3. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    Im in the dumps right now. I thought some of them were
  4. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    Did your interviews take the whole 20 minutes? I feel like mine was less than that
  5. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow!
  6. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you guys
  7. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Let’s keep it positive guys.
  8. Columbia CRNA 2021

    No updates from me. I’m also waiting for my email to be answered. I’m starting to get discouraged honestly. I’d be happy with any news at this point.
  9. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Did you guys hear anything from the admissions office? I called and they told me to email, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet .
  10. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Any news guys?
  11. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Haven’t heard anything yet. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. Columbia CRNA 2021

    I nearly died when I saw that email. I thought I was missing information and had no idea it was due by Sunday. Still patiently waiting though.
  13. Columbia CRNA 2021

    I haven’t heard anything. I’m hoping we’ll know soon.
  14. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Nothing yet on my end.
  15. Columbia CRNA 2021

    Thank you so much!