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  1. What are some signs I got the job/didn’t get the job during my phone interview with a preceptor and charge nurse? I got called unexpectedly with no warning but had my questions and answers prepared. I was eating at a restaurant and left without my keys due to shear nervousness so I basically had my interview at a bench in the parking lot. I’m afraid the mild noise from the cars may have left a bad impression. All other hospitals have scheduled in advance for interviews but my top choice called me out of the blue!

    CHI St. Luke's Nurse Residency 2020

    Has anyone gotten an interview offer over the phone or by email yet? I am waiting to hear back.
  3. Hey all! Just wanted to create a thread for CHI. St. Lukes to see if anyone has received more information regarding interview selection since the application and survey deadline was July 19th, 2020.