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morelostthanfound has 29 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CVOR/General Surgery.

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  1. morelostthanfound

    Anyone taken a pay cut for sanity?

    I'm entertaining this very idea! Almost 30 years as an RN has stolen my smile and turned me into a rather jaded, pessimistic person that I never was before. I'm really wanting to reclaim my life and my happiness and am considering a different niche of nursing altogether or perhaps, cutting back to part time with my current position. I also live well below my means, am very frugal, and could easily afford a reduction in salary. In my opinion, there is no amount of $ that is worth my happiness/sanity and I would rather sleep in my car and eat Raman noodles, than have the stress, responsibility, and mental illness that some nurses have.
  2. morelostthanfound

    Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    Tell them to save their breath to cool their soup! In order for professional abandonment charges to stick, a licensed nurse must agree to 'accept' a patient(s) into their care and then not provide the due diligence that a reasonably prudent practitioner would provide-I.e. abandoning their charge. In my opinion, this is much ado about nothing but do retain an attorney in the event that your former employer carries through with their vindictive action.
  3. morelostthanfound

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    Noc is a shortened version of 'nocturnal' that was used often at one time to describe the night (graveyard) shift.
  4. I was working as a staff RN in Cardiac Surgery (CVOR) at a Midwestern hospital when the tragic news came over the break room TV.
  5. morelostthanfound

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    Also required questions of all patients regardless of presenting complaint or diagnosis(es)..."Do you feel safe at home? Date of last mammogram/Pap smear? Date of last screening colonoscopy? Last BM? Do you routinely wear a seat belt? If you were unable to make decisions for yourself, do you have any written wishes about your future healthcare? Preferred method of learning? Any important cultural or spiritual practices? Do you pick your nose when no one is watching (JK)...." Garbage in, garbage out!
  6. morelostthanfound

    Return to work

    One word, ‘why’? Unless your financial situation is such that you can no longer afford being retired, I just can’t imagine why anyone would consider returning after a long hiatus. By no means am I trying to discourage you (more power to you), but have you forgotten how physically punishing being a caregiver to total care patients can be, or the anxiety, frustration, and stress that go along with bedside nursing? Also, today’s patients are far heavier, sicker, and more entitled than they were ten years ago and the unrealistic demands on nurses have grown exponentially. Don’t take my word for it but peruse the forums here and notice the many nurses that’s are desperate to get out of patient care areas-that says it all!
  7. morelostthanfound

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    Not to be pessimistic here, but I honestly don't see things improving anytime soon for most nurses and as bad as things were pre-Covid, the pandemic has only made them worse. My hospital, which was ground zero in the early days of the pandemic, is once again at capacity and nearing a crisis state. What's next years' variant; epsilon? zeta?...and the year after? I see no let up in the near future. My advice is to do some soul searching and if you really believe that you no longer wish to be a nurse, plan on pursuing a different career path while you're still young. Trying to so with children/family or later in life is considerably more difficult and many find themselves trapped in a profession that they despise.
  8. morelostthanfound


    Great cartoon Davey Do! By all means, STAT (Shortest Turn Around Time) continues to be the most misused word in hospitals today; so much so, that it's analogous to the'Little boy who cried wolf'. Sometimes, you just have to bite your tongue and shake your head at the absurdity of it all.
  9. morelostthanfound

    Anxious, depressed, and might need to go to HR.

    Now that I am detoxing from nursing, I am reliving a lot of the negative experiences. There is so much toxicity in the profession, mainly because of these weird interpersonal problems created by sociopathic type people such as the manager described here. I'm so glad I'm getting out of. ^^^This^^^ Nursing is the only career that I have ever had so I don't really have much of a frame of reference. That said, having worked for many years as an RN in numerous facilities across the country, I am still amazed at the sheer number of toxic people in this profession. Ironically, every where I go, it always seems to be the same subset of personalities; tyrant, micromanager, holier than thou gossiper, s&%t stirrer, sociopath, crazy bipolar with radical mood swings, slacker, brown noser.... Added to that toxic mix are physicians, med students, PAs, and NPs who are disrespectful and feel that it's acceptable to treat nurses like dirt. It's still just baffling to me that this seems to be the normative culture of nursing and everyone just resigns themselves to this fact. Like Emergent, I am counting down the years:( until I too can exit stage left.
  10. morelostthanfound

    So, It's Come To This...

    Wow! Though I should be surprised, being the jaded, old nurse that I am, somehow I'm not. It is telling though that this is not some disreputable facility in podunk USA, but an actual state agency-SMH!
  11. morelostthanfound

    What Unions Should Insist On

  12. morelostthanfound

    "Not a Good FIT"

    Quite a few years ago, the same thing happened to me working as a physician's personal, surgical nurse at a small, rural hospital. Though I was (and am) a competent nurse with many years of experience in much larger hospital systems, this doctor was a hypercritical tyrant and, as I came to find out, despised by nearly everyone. That said, I completely understand your feelings and remember well the blow to my confidence and also feeling dejected and unworthy. In retrospect, I now see it for what it was and have moved past it and gone on to much bigger and better. I encourage you to not take it on a personal level, perhaps take some me time, and then move forward. BTW, I have also quit a job for greener pastures and came back to it several months later and it was fine. Take care and don't beat yourself up!
  13. morelostthanfound

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    Emergent, best of luck with future endeavors and thank you also for all your witty posts and your years of providing quality, patient care. Good to hear that in retirement, you're finding new ways to nurture your soul and finding creative expression. I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps in a few years as I am ready to get off this hamster wheel and step away from all of the ridiculousness that has become nursing. Cheers!
  14. morelostthanfound

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    Brandy 1017, hope you're enjoying your much deserved retirement and may you have continued health and peace:) Thank you also for your years of service and for continuing to advocate for your fellow nurses. What you so well describe is the raw picture of acute, bedside nursing in 2021, and a lived reality daily for thousand of our colleagues. While I hope (pray) for things to improve, I realistically don't expect it as the old saying, 'follow the money' rings especially true. It's better for administrators, managers, and politicians to continue with Bandaid approaches in a time of crisis instead of spending the money and working for real, meaningful change
  15. morelostthanfound

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    There's a not so subtle judgment in your post. "I want to know that when times were hard I chose to stay and stick it out and fight for others". This implies that those nurses who chose to quit, for whatever reason(s), are somehow deficient in character or compassion. When many nurses weren't even provided basic (and essential) PPES can you really impugn them for quitting? I personally applaud anyone for making the very difficult decision of leaving this very toxic profession
  16. morelostthanfound

    Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    In my opinion, Money=Respect. Not that it is the only aspect of respect mind you, but a big part! I feel overall compensation should be commensurate with nurses' educational preparedness, level of responsibility, experience, and intrinsic value in helping patient's/customers/clients navigate a complex healthcare system. Stagnant wages and benefits that fail to do so, are a slap in the face to nurses and the 'do more with less' axiom seems to imply, nurse should have less so the the suits can have more.