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  1. Switching from nurse to daycare teacher??

    There's no schools around me hiring right now ? but I had applied and interviewed for one school nurse position and they didn't hire me because they said they were looking for two years of acute care experience so I guess it just scared me off LOL! N...
  2. Switching from nurse to daycare teacher??

    I know I keep going back and forth on the whole thing ? I have an interview tomorrow for another outpatient mental health job which I did enjoy doing before I just had crappy management. Fingers crossed ? Yeah, yeah I'm applying for more nur...
  3. Switching from nurse to daycare teacher??

    I've been making roundabout $30/hour as a nurse so far across the board and I've been in a residential treatment center, outpatient clinic and hospital. The CDA jobs I'm looking at are maxed out around $16/hour which is a pretty significant cut? But ...
  4. Switching from nurse to daycare teacher??

    I'm definitely interested in school nursing, but don't have the acute care experience in the books to ever get called for an interview ?
  5. Hi guys, really looking for some advice here I'm just not sure what to do with my career right now. Only been a nurse for a year now, have been working in psych/AOD from adults to pediatrics (5 y/o and up) so far. I apologize in advance this is proba...
  6. Hi, folks... I'm a new grad RN and I have my first upcoming interview for a substance abuse recovery nurse position in a residential treatment center. Before you all yell at me for not starting off in med-surg, I have known since before I started my ...