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  1. Davey, thank you for your story! I know things like this happen all the time, but I had never seen it affect loved ones in this way. To know that these nurses have children that they have to feed and truly love their careers as nurses and now they ar...
  2. Here’s the story if you want to read up on it.
  3. Yes and most of the bullying and suspensions and firing has happened while they had attorneys. The $500/hr hospitals attorney’s are putting these nurses through the ringer. It’s awful. No government agency cares and I've tried and tried to reach out ...
  4. Well there are 5 nurses I know who were bullied for speaking out, then suspended, still bullied on social media and in the community, then sued, and now fired.
  5. My advice is if you see something terribly wrong just ignore it or you’ll get sued and be fired by your employer. They have more money and more lawyers than you could even imagine. They will beat you down and make you regret becoming a nurse.
  6. UPDATE: These nurses who reported their hospital to multiple government agencies with no action from the government. The hospital was falsely identifying tracheal samples as nasal samples. Tellingly anytime someone has tested positive with a correctl...
  7. The DPH just didn’t look! After reading their report it’s apparent that they only asked to see paperwork regarding policies and procedures for infection control and nursing services. OSHA let the nurses down too as well as the Dept of health and huma...
  8. Hired on to a Covid unit

    I think maybe I didn’t word my question correctly. I meant when a patient is in the hospital and they have Covid like symptoms but they test negative initially do you have a standard where you test the patient again every 3 days?
  9. Curious about Covid testing

    Have you ever done or seen a Covid test done with a trach sample?
  10. Nursing is hard enough without having to deal with this ... These nurses are some very brave souls to fight the Hospital administrators, some doctors, and the government in this small Georgia hospital. 'I think the judge is wrong': Nurses lose again...
  11. Hired on to a Covid unit

    How often do you perform Covid tests on the units? Every 3 days?