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CMLoLo has 5 years experience and specializes in Novice.

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  1. Thank you for responding. My question is just to see if someone has had any luck in my experience. I got a you are in eligible message and we need more information in the same email. It was quit contradictory and it confused me. I just asked for clarification in response to the sender from the BON. Again, thanks for the response. Just freaking out that something that wasn't supposed to come haunt anymore, me years later is.
  2. I plead under first offender act in 2007 as I was only 17 and was told this would not effect me once completed because everything would be expunged. It was for shoplifting. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I have not done any wrong doing since. I currently hold a license in GA and attempted to get the eNLC and was sent an email asking for a letter of explanation and stating that I was in eligible for the multistate license because I plead under first offender. My question, has anyone been successful at getting compact licensure with a first offender? My job is dependent on it, so I'm freaking out a little.

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