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  1. waitinnnngformyATT

    NCLEX application with prior conviction

    Thank you for taking the time to respond though. & good luck on taking your NCLEX. Was it hard to study without a test date? I feel like I’m so lost now my crazy study schedule is like diminishing
  2. waitinnnngformyATT

    NCLEX application with prior conviction

    😞 WOW! that makes me so sad. My school didn’t give us that time line at all even with convictions & I’m supposed to have my license by the first for an amazing job that I’ve secured & I don’t think that’s realistic with the time line you’re saying. I’m flying to Sacramento tomorrow to talk with them in person 😞 I feel like I have nothing else to lose
  3. waitinnnngformyATT

    NCLEX application with prior conviction

    Congratulations! About how long after your classmates w no convictions did it take? I did I submitted everything the docket (showing its expunged), my letters of rec, my letter all that. I submitted my application May 26th but my school didn’t send out transcripts till June 24th
  4. waitinnnngformyATT

    Getting a California RN License with a Criminal History: Misdemeanor

    about how long in comparison to your classmates did it take for you to be approved?
  5. waitinnnngformyATT

    Californians with Convictions

    Did you get youre authorization to test later then your classmates? Im currently waiting for my application to be reviewed due to my misdemenour and it seems as if all of my classmates have been approved besides me! 😞 It was a minor conviction for having a fake ID 7 years ago but I wanted to get an idea of how much longer it realistically takes to process as oppose to classmates without convictions?
  6. waitinnnngformyATT

    NCLEX application with prior conviction

    Hey have you heard anything from the BRN? My classmates are being approved and I have yet to, I also had an expunged misdemeanor that was from 6 years ago & I need to test as soon as possible due to a job offer. Hope you heard something, good luck!