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TaraK has 3 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Hello! I am conducting a small research study for a bio-statistics class and have a topic that has intrigued me for my final project. If my fellow nurses can take the time to answer a few questions it would be so helpful! Thank you. You can just list 1-10 with your answers. I appreciate anyone's input 🙂 1. Do you work day or night shift? (yes/no) 2. Male, female, choose not to disclose (male/female/other) 3. How many years of experience do you have? 4. Do you work critical care (ICU, ED)? (critical care/no) 5. Do you have a current ACLS training/hx of ACLS or no? (yes/no) 6. Do you have a doctor readily available on your unit in the instance a code arises? (yes/no) 7. Current level of comfort during a code situation (1-10 scale: 1 being least, 10 being extremely comfortable) 8. If you are ACLS certified, on a scale 1-10, how well do you feel ACLS has prepared you for a code situation? (1-10 scale: 1 being least prepared, 10 being most prepared) 9. Do you feel ACLS training would be beneficial to patients and nurses if all nurses were trained in it? (yes/no) 10. For those with ACLS training, what do you feel affects your level of comfort and competence in a code the most?: (1=years of experience, 2=ACLS training, 3=type of unit you work on, 4=shift you work).

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