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  1. Hello. I am a new grad LVN. I am currently on day 5 at a memory care unit. I accepted this job because I was told I would not be working with any COVID-19 infected residents but that was a lie. Half the building is infected (I was told about this but they said they are taking safety precautions). Well, that was a lie on my second day of work they decided I should get trained on the infected side and to my realization it was a mad house. No housekeeper on that side, residents are not isolated in the rooms, they are allowed to socialize and eat in dining area, they hag out around the living room area. There should be more than one nurse monitoring all these patients (which there isn't) the caregivers are not provided N95 mask. The residents are allowed visits from family members. The only thing dividing infected residents and non infected residents is a tarp that's taped to the wall. They have staff work both units. One day with infected residents other day with non-infected. If nurse in infected area needs help, another nurse from non-infected area goes to help out, removes PPE, and returns to non-infected side. They keep telling me I need to work the infected side because I am a new nurse but I told them I refuse since I feel like it's putting my license at risk. Should I just quit and find another job. I have talked to other people and they all think these are not safe circumstances. What should I do?

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