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WyoRN18 specializes in ED/ Critical care.

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  1. WyoRN18

    Mount Marty CRNA school

    Thank you for all the information and discussion. Did you apply to anywhere else? Also, how many years of ICU experience did you have before applying. Thanks again!
  2. WyoRN18

    Mount Marty CRNA Program

  3. WyoRN18

    Flight nurse to CRNA school???

    Thank you all!
  4. WyoRN18

    Mount Marty CRNA school

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any information on Mount Marty CRNA program. I am thinking about applying to Mount Marty in South Dakota. Any information would be greatly appreciated such as how was the school life balance, rigor of the education, did it fully prepare you to work as a CRNA (especially in a rural setting?), the number of cases, clinical experience, and anything else thats informative. What was your stats like when applying and acceptance? Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe respond.

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