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  1. VA PBNR in Dallas

    And trust me, we all went into it completely blind! Literally, Blind! Communication is one thing they know they need to work on and they are trying to fix that. But there is a saying at the VA……. You have to ask Joseph, to ask Mary, to ask Jesus, to ...
  2. VA PBNR in Dallas

    So, you aren’t “guaranteed” a job but you are if that makes sense. They invest a lot into the PBNR residents. Lots of time, money, effort, etc. everyone in my cohort got the unit they wanted. But if you don’t get your 1st choice you should be able to...
  3. VA PBNR in Dallas

    Hi! So I’m almost done with PBNR. It is a very good program, nothing like it anywhere else. Think of it as if your an MD going through residency. You get to see it all! Every dept and learn what you like and don’t like. I didn’t learn my pay till day...
  4. VA hiring process 2020

    So it's easier to give you the timeline January- Applied March- called to set up interview April- Interviewed June- Told I was hired July- Processed paperwork August-got my firm offer from HR, start in a few weeks. It's a long process. It is not fast...
  5. VA PBNR in Dallas

    Thank you for your reply. It just takes so long for this firm offer. I thought it would take a long time, but this is forever (it feels like).
  6. VA Post Baccalaureate Nurse Residency (PBNR)

    Did you end up choosing the VA? If so can you tell us your experience with them?
  7. VA Portland PBNR

    For the VA Residency PBNR, anyone know how long it takes to get the firm offer? I submitted paper work 2 weeks ago. They gave us a start date but no official "firm offer". Anyone know how long it takes for HR to get back with you?
  8. VA hiring process 2020

    So the VA gave me a tentative job offer. I filled out all my paper work and now just waiting for my "Official Firm Offer". Its been 2 weeks since I filled out my paper work. About how long should it take? The person in charge on my tentative offer sa...
  9. VA hiring process 2020

    They currently have my packet. Since I’m a new nurse, they gave us a start date but no other details. By any chance are you in the PBNR program for new hires?
  10. VA hiring process 2020

    I’m in the process right now. How long does it take for the official offer? I sent in paper work last week and were supposed to start next month but I still don’t have my firm offer from HR. So I am selected and told I have a job but nothing else. Ho...
  11. VA PBNR in Dallas

    Hi! How long did it take for the hiring process? I am trying to find out how long it takes for a firm offer. I am nervous because I do not have one yet and I turned down other forms job offers.
  12. VA nurse residency (PBNR)

    Did you end up going through the hiring process? How did it work?