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Nurse GreenBean ASN, RN

2nd career as an RN. Working towards NP. Hope to get there before I retire 🤣

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Nurse GreenBean has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. Nurse GreenBean

    I can't get a job!!

    Thank you for your insight! The place go ahead and do that today 🙂
  2. Nurse GreenBean

    I can't get a job!!

    I’ve been interested in finding out more about this area of nursing. Be thought of applying for a few dialysis jobs, but in my area, even the entry level jobs state they require “9 months of nephrology nursing”, which I definitely don’t have. There’s another entry level opening at Fresenius in my area now, but I was going to hold back on applying (again) because of that lack of nephro experience. Do you have any tips for getting ones foot in the door?
  3. Nurse GreenBean

    I can't get a job!!

    Two out of the three hospitals I have worked in rely not only on electronically entered notations, but limit responses in other areas of the documentation to an almost comical level in the sections that are based on “option selections”. I end up writing even longer and more numerous notations to make up for the total lack of clarity in the main documentation areas (thank you Meditech 😒)
  4. Nurse GreenBean

    First job interview at a residential treatment center!

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words. it was hard...very hard...leaving a unit that I had cut my nursing teeth in, where I adored the patient population, and where I was on track for leadership roles. But I knew that without medical, I wasn’t providing the care that my patients deserved. And once I got the medical, I realized even more how much I had been missing without it. I really did hate it though. That was not a fun year for me. But I would do it again in a heartbeat for the experience and skill set I walked away with.
  5. That is incredibly disturbing. what’s even more disturbing is that the health depot found nothing when they are clearly misrepresenting patient medical samples.
  6. (Re: programs and laws geared towards reducing drunk driving) actually no. The laws apply to anyone who is participating in that act that has been deemed a threat to picking safety (drinking and driving. The cops pulls someone over and determine that someone is drunk and has been driving. That someone is going to jail or is being carted off in an ambulance. The cops don’t ask if they have a history of alcoholic behavior or a prior history of drinking and driving. They take the guys keys. by your logic, if the laws only apply to people who historically and pathologically participate in a behavior that’s high risk to others, they would find out if the person has a history of alcoholism. “You were speeding and weaving all over the road. I now see that you’re intoxicated. Since you don’t have a history of alcohol abuse, I’m goi long to not apply this law to you. What the heck, lemme but you a beer for the road. It’s legal for you!” No. the law is applied to everyone, not just the ones disproportionately affected. Because public health and safety depend on it.
  7. That’s completely untrue. Fauci had already been Bolger his position on masks and was recommending them AND so was the CDC. Trump literally said as much during the very press conference where he stated he would not wear one.
  8. You may think what you like. I don’t play with the poor logic of false dichotomies which is what you’ve paid out here. They’re a lateral step away from totally uncredible biased sources and not worth discussion.

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