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  1. Is this Med error/bad ?

    I like your vote. It is very general but it contains a lot of truth. Maybe I do have knowledge deficit. I am alway open to learning new things. Thus, I am spending time discussing things that otherwise might not be a good idea to discuss at workpla...
  2. Is this Med error/bad ?

    I am not sure what you meant by it. Please clarify. Also your last paragraph. So you think insurance companies are to blame for nurse not picking up the heparin order? Please elaborate how so? Also, the process of orders is to blame. Give me an exam...
  3. Is this Med error/bad ?

    JKL 33. In my organization the STAT means 20 min to acknowledge the order and 1 hour to carry it out. What is it is yours? JKL 33 I do think way beyond the headline of the original post "Is this med error/bad". Because this nurse that posted it is a ...
  4. Is this Med error/bad ?

    According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.Feb 22, 2018 Medical errors third-leadin...
  5. Milrinone

    Mirinone. How long should the patient be in the step down unit after starting the drip? What is your option?
  6. Is this Med error/bad ?

    Given it is heparin I am very cautious about this kind of medication so it is more serious than less risky medication. It is great that you are thinking about it. It means you care. You will make mistakes as you will go along but nursing is challengi...
  7. NP forced to work as an RN

    Thank you for your straightforward reply. It was very, very helpful. Next time I will make sure my contract is more clear and read by the attorney.
  8. NP forced to work as an RN

    I was hired to work as an NP after 3 years of hard work, studying and clinicals. I have resined from my RN job to work 9-5 schedule. Finally. I have passed a $100 per hour opportunity to work on COVID assignment to take $58.00 job as NP since I commi...