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  1. DisneyNurse

    Broward College Nursing Program January 2021

    @Lolura0 Oh, I see. I didn’t even realize that we chose our own classes. I thought they would be automatically assigned. I can’t wait to see if they will open up the campus in January for classes!
  2. DisneyNurse

    Broward College Nursing Program January 2021

    @CharleneChar Have you heard from your friends if the online classes are more difficult than they would be in person? Unfortunately, it seems like we won’t know for a while if January classes will be online or not. @Lolura0 Did your friend say how the classes are online? Do you know which classes we will be taking first?.... I just hope doing the program online won’t be more difficult than it is in person.
  3. I am a prospective student for the BC nursing program in January 2021. Is anyone else planning to apply? I know it will be a bit different than normal due to Covid so I wanted to see where everyone was at in the process. Have you taken the HESI yet? I am wrapping up the last of my prerequisite classes now.

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