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  1. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Nothing on my side.
  2. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Nothing on my end! Still waiting!
  3. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Saaaame! I hope you all get in! I would definitely choose PUC than Carrington for the 2 step program as well.
  4. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Oh, that's nice! I am from San Francisco! Yes, I am constantly checking my email too...! I applied for CCSF RN program but I haven't heard anything back although some people have been accepted. I just assumed at this point that I didn't get acc...
  5. Pacific Union College - 2021

    She said end of June/beginning of July. I haven't heard anything yet! I hope we hear back soon! I like how they have an RN-BSN program too! Have you been applying to other schools as well?
  6. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Nursing admission GPA is 3.29; I just took physiology and received an A, so that will raise it to 3.60. I am unsure if they will count it since I still need to send them my updated transcripts. For TEAS, I got 73.3, but I do plan on retaking it...
  7. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Hi @Tinamina, I applied for the Fall of 2021. I spoke with Lorie last week, who informed me that they should be sending out emails this week or next week. This was my first time applying too!
  8. Rio Hondo LVN-ADN bridge Spring 2021

    Not yet...
  9. Rio Hondo Spring 2021

    No, I sent in my application on the due date around 1pm.
  10. Rio Hondo Spring 2021

    I received an email stating that there are 2 meetings that will be held on Oct. 30th. So hopefully we find out soon!
  11. Rio Hondo Spring 2021

    I also applied to the LVN-ADN program! Good luck!