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  1. kamalsens415

    City College SF FALL 2020

    Does anyone know anything about LVN advanced placement exam?
  2. kamalsens415

    CCSF LVN Advanced Placement Exam

    That's amazing. I have yet to receive anything from my school. I wanted to be ahead of the game. Thanks so much for the info, I appreciate it.
  3. kamalsens415

    CCSF LVN Advanced Placement Exam

    Thank you. What does the test entails? I'm trying to study for it but I'm not sure what to study for.
  4. kamalsens415

    CCSF Fall 2020 Admissions

    do you guys know anything about the advanced placement for LVN? Also someone mentioned they were on the waitlist? Did they mention this via email?
  5. kamalsens415

    CCSF LVN Advanced Placement Exam

    I got the acceptance letter for CCSF to sit for the LVN Advanced Placement exam. Did anyone go through with this? Want to know the process.

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