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Jmg has 1 years experience and specializes in Geriatric.

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    I am new to HH and really like it but the way my scheduling is done is a lot different than I have heard from other companies. I am an RN so I do a lot of Soc/roc and recerts but never seem to see any of the patients I have admitted back. I do not have the ability to move visits or reschedule visits on my tablet. If I need anything sent to me patient wise I have to call my office and have them send it to me. My schedule is almost never set the night before and I when it is I will have called to set up times with my scheduled patient just to have my office call and tell me to call them all back cause I need to see a whole new set of patients instead. Example today I waited and hour and 45 mins for an admission to come to me I worked a 9 hour day saw 3 patients and only made $165. Is this normal for HH or is it just the company I work for?

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