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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some friendly advice from people who have possibly been in the same position as me. I am a new grad who has been working on the Progressive care/Telemetry floor for 5 months now and am considering leaving nursing altogether. Throughout nursing school, I got to the point where I enjoyed the classes but really did not like clinical at all. I thought about quitting but couldn't stand the idea of giving up on something, especially since I was so close to graduating, but I was definitely not passionate about nursing. Then as graduation approached I was not quite sure if I wanted to work as a nurse at a hospital or just do something else. As friends in school were getting jobs I felt the pressure to also look for work and took this position at an HCA hospital (later realized that was a bad idea). Working on this unit, I have really great coworkers that are very helpful and friendly, but still, the stress and anxiety I feel is extensive. I feel that I can't concentrate or remember details and any enthusiasm for the job has left me, speaking with the doctors generally leaves me feeling incompetent and like I don't understand the patient. I also feel incredibly unprepared to handle many of the assignments I've been given. I have been taking steps to help myself though, like creating a brain that works well for me, asking a ton of questions, and coming in early to read charts, but I feel like its just something that is draining the life and joy out of me. It seems so early to say this too, but I feel just so burnt out of the work already. After talking with some other coworkers (most nurses on the unit have only been here for under 2 years) about if it gets better, it turns out that a large portion of the nurses who have been here for a while are about to transfer or quit, and almost all of the nurses from my cohort feel the same as I do, but are trying to wait out that HCA contract as best they can. Unfortunately, in a lot of posts I've read on AN, even experienced nurses say you just get used to it and the anxiety gets better but the job and stress are generally the same. I know 5 months is not very long, but I feel like my feelings have been consistently deteriorating. My thought/plan is to stay till I'm at least at 6 months, then look for work part-time at a nursing home/clinic for the time being while I try to decide what else to do with my life. There are a couple of options that I am very passionate about that I just need to figure out logistically. I think it is also important to say that I have spoken with both family and friends on advice and given it a lot of thought over around 2 months. It would just be nice to get some wise advice/experiences from some other nurses and or people who have left nursing. Thanks!

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