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    How does evaluation work? I have been asked to enroll in the RAMP program for an evaluation prior to RN licensure. Once evaluated and supported by RAMP for licensure, my application can proceed through the approval process. So how will this work? I have an alcohol related arrest without conviction 20+ years ago and a recent ticket for public intoxication. This is why the board is recommending enrollment and evaluation. Are there levels of enrollment? Will I be required to do 5 years of drug testing, therapy, group sessions for a drunk in public ticket? Maybe required to do a lighter version of the program? Will I be suspended from working once enrolled? This is my biggest fear. How will it impact my licensure in a near-by state where I live and work? I have been upfront with all required disclosures with my BON and am successfully working at a local hospital. Will enrolling in RAMP at all jeopardize any other nursing licenses? This NJ license is a ‘nice to have’ not ‘need to have’ kind of thing in case an attractive job across the state line opens up. Is it worth subjecting myself to this program for this additional license?
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    Specialization options

    I'm very new to NP and have not even graduated yet, however I am in my last year and beginning to consider my options once I finish. Of course I understand that, once credentialed, I could work with a practice or a hospital network in a primary care setting. But, what I am not so sure about is my ability, with a FNP credential to specialize, say in nephrology, GI, orthopedics, cardiology, etc and what would be involved in order to get certified in a speciality. I'm in Pennsylvania. thanks for any insight.