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  1. nurse_grad_2020

    Job Applications

    Hi, I will be graduating from a BSN program and will be applying to jobs soon. I plan on taking the NCLEX in September. Looking for advice for which units are the best to gain experience as a first job. I've heard from many people that doing a year of something broad/general like med-surg will make me marketable, help with time management, and give me opportunities to practice and feel confident in my skills. I also really loved my ICU clinical. I eventually would love to take travel nurse jobs. What are your thoughts with starting out in a "broad" unit vs. starting out in a unit that is a little bit more specialized? What units have you enjoyed working in or haven't had the best experience? Looking for any suggestions! Thank you!
  2. nurse_grad_2020

    Covid-19 & Preceptorship

    Hi, I am a senior-level nursing student and anticipate graduating this year. Due to Covid-19, our preceptorship has been shortened from the initially allotted time. Unfortunately, I recently tested positive for Covid-19 and have successfully made a full recovery without complications. Due to our preceptorship beginning soon and the timing of my recovery, I either be delayed or have to complete a "virtual" preceptorship. The worst-case scenario is that I complete all of my preceptorship "virtually." I am staying positive and determined to graduate, but I wanted to get some advice about how an employer will view a graduate who was unable to complete a preceptorship in the hospital. My fear is that I will be behind in gaining experience with fundamental skills and a little unprepared going into my first nursing job. I understand the circumstances are out of my control and that this is a nation-wide issue, but am wondering if this will make me less "marketable." I know new jobs offer an orientation period and I have always been the type to be willing to learn and adaptable. I guess I am just looking for any tidbits or pieces of advice anyone can offer for someone graduating soon and applying for jobs. I appreciate it!

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