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    Thank you! Don't be nervous. You got this! Be confident, but like I said, do not panic if you go pass 60 questions! 🙂
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    Just wanted to post this for others who have gotten all 130 questions with the new NCLEX test minimum/maximum (60/130). Took my exam on July 1st feeling prepared after doing both a review course (Anderson NCLEX Review through Fitzgerald website) and then doing UWorld and one practice exam. I only had approximately 800 questions left in the question bank and scored "HIGH CHANCE OF PASSING" on the UWorld practice exam. After passing question 60 on the NCLEX, my nerves skyrocketed and I panicked. I ended up going all the way to question 130 (the maximum) and for sure thought I failed. After receiving the email confirmation that I had taken the NCLEX, I attempted to do the Pearson Vue Trick.. time and time again I got a pop up that said "Invalid method of payment. The fields have been cleared, please reenter with a new card" (or something along those lines). The Pearson Vue Trick made my anxiety a lot worse AND convinced me I failed. Finally, after waiting 48 hours to purchase the Quick Results.... I found out I PASSED! My best recommendation is to NOT DO THE PEARSON VUE TRICK, especially if you got all 130 questions or if the time stopped before you answered all questions. Try your best to relax and forget about it until you can purchase the quick results. I wish I had read a post along these lines after getting all 130 questions so I thought this would cause some sort of relief for some test takers. :) Goodluck! Believe in yourself :)

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