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  1. Bonesfan47

    Job Search Question

    Thank you for your advice I greatly appreciate it and will apply to those jobs! There are also a couple of jobs in another hospital I am interested in one of them is the same job as the first hospital too. I was looking jobs like transporters, registrars, Patient safety assistants and tech aides all jobs that match my qualifications and I especially like the ones where I get work with and help the patients. Thanks again for your advice!!
  2. Bonesfan47

    Job Search Question

    Hello again, I was hoping to get some advice on getting my foot in the door in a hospital. I am looking to go to nursing school at some point when I can afford it but still want to work in the hospital either full-time or part-time and saw that there a some jobs in the same hospital that do not require any certifications other than CPR (which I am certified for). I was wondering if it looks bad to apply to all of the open positions and should just apply to one or two or if it would not look bad to apply to all the positions that are available. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Lydia
  3. Bonesfan47

    Needing Some Career Advice

    Hello, My name is Lydia and I am brand new to this site and board. I was wondering if I could get some advice from you guys since you are all nurses. I have for several years now been thinking about going into nursing. I have moments where I really want to pursue nursing and then moments where I am happy with my current job. I am currently a Customer Service Representative. I love helping people and want to continue to help people. While I do help customers at my current job I feel I want to make more of a difference and if I were to continue at my current job I would want to grow into management there however I do not see a management job in that department opening up anytime soon. Nursing has always been something I had thought about before since in that job you are making a difference for the patients. The problem is I keep going back and forth on the two and I know nursing school is really hard. I also already have a Bachelors degree in a different field and it took me forever to get that degree. Unfortunately it is a degree that does not have many career opportunities as well nor anything that I would want to pursue. I worry too because of how long it took me to get that bachelors degree. I have heard from so many people that nursing school is very difficult and so I worry about that too since I would need to have a job and do nursing school at the same time and I tend to always put work over school which is one of the main reasons why I took so long to get my undergrad to begin with plus so many people said that having a Full-Time job and doing nursing school is even more difficult to the point of almost impossible. Any advice on what you guys think would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for honest feedback on my position. Any help is greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time and for your services as I always appreciate the work that nurses do. You guys are all amazing. Thank you for your time! Thanks! - Lydia

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