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    Self doubt

    I recently became an LPN. Against my better Judgement , I took a job at a hospital on the med surg floor. Long story short, they expected me to do things that I wasn’t supposed to do as an LPN. On top of that, there was very little training going on, and what was going on was met with what I felt like was hostility. They were all very knowledgeable nurses, I just feel like they had absolutely no time to teach a brand new nurse, despite what their managers told me. So, I quit. I’ve never in my life left a job under those circumstances, but between the questionable things they expected me to do, and the lack of training, and the amount of anxiety I was experiencing, I knew I was going to hurt someone. The manager had told me they leaned on their LPNs as hard as their RNs, but I didn’t realize they meant to the point that they meant. Now, I’ve obtained a job at a nursing home. While it’s not as bad as the first job, I feel so utterly stressed out because I’m meant to be the only nurse on duty at night from 9-5, with 3 different units and 77 residents. I know as a new nurse there are lots of things to be stressed out about, and this feeling is completely normal, and it will get better with time and experience. But it’s currently 5:30 In the morning and I’m Online trying to ask strangers for advice and help. How do I keep my anxiety to the point I can function? Is this career really worth the stress? Have I wasted time, money, and energy on something I’m not capable of?

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