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    Patients wear gloves for home infusion?

    I am a new Home Infusion nurse and have a question about instructing the patient or family caregiver to wear gloves when administering their own (or family member's) medication or TPN and flushing the line. Of course, hand washing is first and I advise frequent hand washing or sanitizing, but I'm confused about the necessity for gloves. I've seen different written and video examples - some advising and some omitting the wearing of gloves on patients and family, and even RNs. Also, our home infusion pharmacy seems to be running low on gloves, so has not been providing an adequate amount for the patients if they are, indeed, recommended. I couldn't find any INS or other written standards about the topic. Thank you!
  2. InfusionNewbie RN

    Preventing PICC line migration during dressing change

    I am a new Home Care Infusion RN with no hospital experience and a poor orientation experience, leaving me to do a lot of self-guided learning. One question I have not found an answer to is - how FAR can the PICC line be safely pulled out then pushed back in when doing dressing change? That's the closest answer to my question I've been able to find, but want to confirm that 5mm - 1cm pull and push is acceptable? How much migration would be considered too much to push back in and would require an x-ray? Thank you!