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    Bellevue College Department of Nursing

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    Shoreline Fall 2020

    Thanks!! Still excited for you guys with the first nursing quarter coming up ❤️ Good luck!!
  3. keehg

    Shoreline Fall 2020

    Ohh that's good to know. I am stressing out after seeing the minimum point of Fall 2020 is 106.6 because mine is 106.55 (if I calculated right). So did you guys use the points show on NursingCAS after entering transcripts for it? I have 3 transcripts so I wonder how they will calculate it. My Green River College transcript was transferred to Bellevue College, got evaluated and all courses went down half letter grade (as of A down to A-). So I don't know if Nursing CAS will keep the points as that or things would change!? 😞 Also, did you take PAX online or in person? 😄
  4. keehg

    Shoreline Fall 2020

    Hi guys, so I am applying for Winter 2021 and currently starting on PAX. Any advice on the test/study and where was the good source to prep for tests besides the book from NLN? Thanks in advance and CONGRATS on getting in this Fall ❤️