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  1. I'm a college sophomore a with nursing major, plans to eventually pursue a CRNA. From what I've been reading on this forum, it seems like nurses back stab each other a lot. Is this the case or am I getting the wrong picture? If so, does this kind of childish behavior actually affect peoples jobs and get them fired?
  2. MRaza

    College Sophmore conflicted, needs guidance

    Will do 👍 Are you currently working and doing the DNAP program part time? Or full time on the DNAP?
  3. MRaza

    College Sophmore conflicted, needs guidance

    So essentially you are kind of skipping getting your MSN? And yea I agree I need to shadow a CRNA. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hi guys, I'm a college student going into sophmore year as a nursing major. I was planning on becoming a CRNA, probably for the wrong reasons (thought it was dope I could make 200k average with just masters degree). I just learned last week that they are requiring a doctoral degree now starting 2025, and it shocked me. I'm not interested in being in school until im 32 (assuming I work as an RN for the average of 3 years and my DNAP takes 4 years). I have no idea what other careers I could go into and im extremely lost and I've felt sick since then. Any advice? I know that there are BSN to DNP program that exist, is this a thing for DNAPs as well?

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