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  1. LA Valley College - Fall 2022 ADN

    Is it safe to assume all letters of acceptance have been sent out for LAVC and LAPC
  2. LA Valley College - Fall 2022 ADN

    Anyone receive acceptance letters from LAVC specifically?
  3. LA Valley College - Fall 2022 ADN

    I applied to 14 BSN programs and was only accepted into 1, but its not ideal for me. I'm hoping that either LAPC or LAVC accept me
  4. LA Valley College - Fall 2022 ADN

    they said early June and its only the 2nd so don't worry
  5. LAPC ADN Fall 2022

    Haven't seen any thread for LA Pierce College Fall 22 ADN program so here it is. Good luck to everyone!
  6. LA Valley College - Fall 2022 ADN

    does anyone know when admission decisions will be announced? I applied to LAPC and LAVC for Fall 2022
  7. ADN vs BSN salary

    If my end career goal is to become an RN and I don't plan on pursuing an MSN should I go for an ADN over a BSN? What's the average salary difference? I've heard in some places it's a mere $1/hr, I live in CA if that makes a difference
  8. NP vs CRNA school

    What are the main differences between NP and CRNA school? How many years of RN experience do most people have when entering each program? Are NP programs much less rigorous?
  9. Is the nursing environment hostile?

    so its not one big mean girls club?
  10. I'm a college sophomore a with nursing major, plans to eventually pursue a CRNA. From what I've been reading on this forum, it seems like nurses back stab each other a lot. Is this the case or am I getting the wrong picture? If so, does this kind of ...
  11. College Sophmore conflicted, needs guidance

    Will do ? Are you currently working and doing the DNAP program part time? Or full time on the DNAP?
  12. College Sophmore conflicted, needs guidance

    So essentially you are kind of skipping getting your MSN? And yea I agree I need to shadow a CRNA. Thank you for the help!
  13. Hi guys, I'm a college student going into sophmore year as a nursing major. I was planning on becoming a CRNA, probably for the wrong reasons (thought it was dope I could make 200k average with just masters degree). I just learned last week that the...