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  1. Anonymous44

    What would you do?

    Hi Friends! I am a new grad who was recently released from orientation after an almost mutual decision. I did not officially quit so my status will be ‘terminated’ if I do not accept another position within the network. The only positions available for new grads within the network now are on progressive care units which I am not opposed to but not where I picture myself. I have an offer for a SICU and I’m waiting to hear back from 2 other ICUs from outside hospitals. ICU is where I want to be and what I want to do as a travel nurse eventually. Before anything gets crazy I don’t think I am too good to do step down I just wonder if it is worth staying at a hospital I don’t love in an area I don’t want to be in to avoid termination when I already have another offer for the area I do want. I think that PCU experience would probably help me but is it more helpful than transferring directly to ICU? I don’t know if it’s worth putting off my goals for another year (ish?) and resetting my timeline on my goals to be a travel nurse (2 year minimum in the speciality before I can take assignments)? Just wondering what y’all think is the best course of action. I know it’s never good to be terminated but I don’t know how much it will affect my future especially if I have another job lined up.
  2. Anonymous44

    New Grad - ICU or L&D

    I am also looking at this thread in 2020 haha. I graduated in May and all through nursing school I wanted to do NICU. My last rotation right before COVID was in a CICU and I loved everything about it. I was so torn. I ended up choosing NICU because it can be hard to get in as a new grad but it ended up not being the place for me anyway and I am now applying to ICU and L&D positions.
  3. Anonymous44

    Normal new grad feelings or not feeling NICU?

    I think I have finally realized it is more about the unit culture than the NICU itself. When I wrote that I wasn’t even getting higher acuity level 2 babies I was only having feeder growers for over half of my orientation. It’s a bad work environment for me, there are 30 new grads starting in a 3 month period so there’s a bit of a retention issue. I have seen nasty text messages about me on my preceptors work phone from management when I answered a call from the charge nurse. I am not getting any feedback until I meet with my manager who wasn’t there for whatever they are talking about. If I do things the way one preceptor likes the next preceptor thinks it’s completely wrong and that I am unable to be on my own. My boss (who I have met twice) has just been really rude to me and telling me that I am shy and quiet and a slow learner and I have never been described as any of those things before in my life. I appreciate all of your comments! I am definitely a baby person and I think that’s why I have stayed as long as I have because I love the babies and deliveries but I can’t stay in a unit where I don’t feel supported and where I am constantly berated without having my side of the story heard before I get yelled at. I don’t feel as if it should be solely my responsibility to find my own learning experiences as a new grad that should be the job of my preceptor and charge nurse as well as myself, and at my old job if there were orientees on the floor we would go get them if we had anything exciting. I think I also made someone mad because the ‘lifers’ got mad when I put blue linens on a baby girls warmer because I was ‘confusing her gender from an early age’ and that didn’t sit well with me. There have been other racist remarks that were unsettling and I don’t think that this NICU is the right environment for me. Thank you all for your comments!
  4. Anonymous44

    New Grad considering quitting nursing

    I'm not quite sure if I am going to be helpful, but I am in the same boat. I just graduated and worked so hard to get here and I am not sure I like it but what else can I do? I am strongly considering switching specialities but I think you need to give it a year before you fully give up on nursing all together, or not I mean its your life. But I have heard from a lot of people that the first year is the hardest and harder that nursing school. Also, there are a lot of non clinical nursing jobs that you can still use your degree for! But I also understand wanting to leave nursing. I think any occupation that has an appreciation week means you are overworked and underpaid and I was shocked to find out my aunts company flies her across the country and pays for her to go out to dinner and do recreational activities. Nursing will never give you that. It just depends on what other options you have I guess.
  5. Hi I am a new grad who landed her dream position in a level IV NICU. I had been a volunteer cuddler, and a tech on a busy med surg floor all through nursing school. I had a bunch of great job offers, the one that I accepted in NICU and two in adult ICUs and I really struggled making a decision because I felt passionate about both specialities. I recently passed the NCLEX and I am finding myself bored on orientation. We do level 1-2 training for a year and then we are going to learn 3-4. There is obviously a lot to learn and it is a whole other population and I am probably offending people by saying I am bored but it's true and I worked on a dumpster fire of a unit as a tech and got used to that pace. I don't like PO feeding and I didn't picture myself feeding 12 bottles every shift and I'm not even sure I like higher acuity babies. I cant tell if I am struggling to adjust to a post grad lifestyle (going from working, volunteering, being in nursing school and being in a sorority to just working), the current pandemic causing me to only leave my house to go to work, if I am bored in the NICU or if its all of the above. I want to do travel nursing ASAP like right now if I could, but I know I need 2 years experience so I don't want to waste any time because whatever I work for 2 years in I will do traveling. Part of it is probably because it's such a massive unit and we staff multiple areas and it's hard to get to know anyone so I haven't made many friends yet. At the same time, I am not sure I am ready to give up baby snuggles when I have extra time. I guess what I'm asking is, is there anyone out there that didn't immediately love the pace of NICU but grew to love it?

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