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  1. CPNRE September 2021

    Oh my apologies, I just felt insulted with that language barrier reasoning.
  2. CPNRE September 2021

    You cannot give your opinion because you just “think.” Get your facts straight. FYI, NCLEX and REX-PN, aka NCLEX-PN, are both administered by NCSBN, which is from the US, meaning it’s in the English language, but since Canada is adapting it, it will ...
  3. CPNRE September 2021

    Language barrier? I don’t think so. People usually fails because they overanalyzed the question.
  4. CPNRE September 2021

    Yes, it’s around 600. Difficult? I guess it’s the same exam in the US for LPN/LVN. The review materials would probably be Mark Klimek Audios and UWorld-PN which are really excellent materials.
  5. CPNRE September 2021

    My friend got her result today. Those who got their result late/today failed the test. Before, those who passed the test received their result almost at the same time before noon. Then those who got it in the afternoon are for those who did not ...
  6. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    OMG! So happy for you. Congratulations to all my co-passers. Any news about Alberta takers?
  7. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    I believe it’s the other way around because most IENs process in Ontario because they are more lenient.
  8. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    Hi, I have known so many friends who took their exams in Ontario before and it’s always the same waiting time for the result as far as I know.
  9. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    Is it true that there’s a chance that people who are supposed to get their result today but have not gotten it yet under CNO might be failed because they usually sent an email first to those who passed? according to a friend. I hope it’s not true. ??
  10. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    I know man. But if you can just wait til next year to register and work. Do it.
  11. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    I know yardstick and and it is very much different from NCSBN. So do not base your exam result on the status. We all have Delivery Successful regardless if you pass or fail.
  12. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    No reason because I just opened my account right now.
  13. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    Delivery Successful.
  14. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    Anyone took CPNRE from CLPNA? Did you get your result? Please reply.
  15. CPNRE September 7-27, 2020

    Hey sorry for that. Thanks for the offer tho.