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  1. Ashrom15

    MSN looking for insurance job

    I have a BSN and 2 years experience (1 year at a LTC/Rehab and 1 year on a med/surg floor at a hospital). I would love to work for an insurance company, but do they hire nurses with only 2 years experience?
  2. Ashrom15

    Anthem (BCBS) Chart Review

    I would like to hear any insight as well. I applied to anthem and liberty mutual a year ago and never heard anything. I have a BSN and two years experience. I wonder if they were just looking for someone more experienced? I would love to have a remote position, but I never get any call backs for an interview.
  3. Ashrom15

    Texas license

    I initially got my license in Texas and then moved to Florida. They both always said single state. I now live in Kentucky and would like a compact license. Will Kentucky automatically make my license compact? This always confused me. I never recieved an email back from TX or FL BON when I had emailed them prior to moving to Kentucky.
  4. Hi everyone. I am new on here and just wanted to ask some advice. I was wondering how can I get my foot in the door for a utilization review nurse job? I graduated from my ADN program in 2016, worked 1 year in a nursing home/rehab and 1 year on a med-surg floor in a hospital. I just graduated from a BSN program as well. I had to take a year off so there is a gap in my employment. My son is autistic and I'm a single mother... I took the year off to focus on him and get him into a better school/therapies. I was told utilization review would be great for me because I could work from home. Everytime I apply for these positions I never get a call back. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.