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  1. Hello!

    I was accepted into the GSU Perimeter nursing program for fall 2021. I saw on previous co-horts that you are currently in the nursing program and are finishing the program. I wanted to ask a few questions such as how was your experience initially, how did you study (as I am nervous for upcoming nursing exams), what do I need to prepare as of now before entering the program.

    Thank you!!

  2. Hi, I would have but being that I already have a bachelors degree I have to pay out of pocket and the ADN is much more affordable. Good luck!!
  3. Nope. (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) confirmed notification will be by email.
  4. Haven’t heard anything 😩😩but I did confirm with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) this week that we will receive notifications through email. Good luck!!
  5. GettingThatRN

    What will nursing look like after COVID-19?

    Great read! Thank you.
  6. And thanks sooo much! I receive it and hope to see us all get in! A few more weeks...
  7. Hey! I studied using Pocket Prep mostly for science and I used Mometrix for reading and English!
  8. Hey y’all just checking in!! I’m on break at the hospital now and thought I’d say hey! Any new info?!!? Any new applicants?! Ttyl. 😊
  9. GettingThatRN

    Nazi-esque Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Wellstar will be notified!! I see you. Haha. You about to lose your job!
  10. GettingThatRN

    Nazi-esque Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Thank you all for showing how you really feel and you are supposed to be healers in healthcare. Black people review all their profiles. Do not trust them with your lives.
  11. Welcome, this waiting game is for the birds! It’s not even September yet!😩😩
  12. GettingThatRN

    Georgia State ADN program Spring 2021/Fall 2021

    I am applying for Spring 2021!! My prerequisites and application are now complete. I give it to the Universe. Positive energy and vibes! ❤️