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AI1711 has 4 years experience and specializes in ICU tech.

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  1. I think a big issue if if you have kids in particular young kids under the age of five and if you have free baby sitting for them. If you have free unlimited baby sitting then CNA may be worth it. It’s invaluable work experience. I would say it is way more straight forward to balance school and being a CNA if you are childless or have older kids .. or if you have free unlimited trusted baby sitting. If you have to pay for babysitting to go to a CNA job where you’re not making much it’s starts to cancel the benefits. Also it’s very tiring work, turning, bathing patients, some who are combative - it can mentally take it out of you also. You have to have energy and focus for school work also. My school I need A in prereq or I’m not getting in. I have to get in that school because it’s CUNY and I need the cheaper tuition fees. I asked my boss if to all work weekends a while back and she told em to ask my fellow tech at the hospital who is full time. My full time coworker refused to let me work all the weekends because “she wanted flexibility” when I handed in my notice she then offered to work Monday- fri only (which most people would love). .. was too late. My youngest child is 8 months old and still major work to get to sleep etc. I am now looking into working for the city in a different healthcare role. The chances are that I may just focus on school. As I said my unit was full of RN with zero tech or CNA experience .. when I floated it was the same story. I can count on one hand the amount of RN in the hospital who previously worked as tech there.
  2. AI1711

    My Journey to RN

    I love this thank you and can draw many comparisons to my own life divorces kids new partners new babies .. I’m still on the journey finishing prereq

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