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  1. Hi I can’t reply your email from my posted question. My hospital not allow to sign the employement form as they claim they are not helping their staff to leave the company. I don’t know what to do I’m stuck because of this

    1. tigress_8207

      tigress_8207, ASN, BSN

      OMG that's just rediculous.Are there any labour unions or some one in authority you can go to?

  2. Hello, I am a registered nurse in Singapore with more than 3 years of experience now, holding a bachelor and diploma in Nursing. I am in the process of applying NNAS and already faced bumps, I went to my company’s HR today and they refused to sign the form that NNAS required them to sign, do anyone face this issues too? Also, I would like to ask how do you all convinced your school to give you 100+ pages of detailed syllabus? On TOP of that, I’ve read hundred of post saying even they studied in US and still got a non comparable results. Anyone has a success story ?:(

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