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  1. Pat_17

    Licensure with felony

    Thank you so much! I have reached out to NCBON and have gotten a lot of useful information, but at the end of the day it’s case by case. I am facing jail time unfortunately. I haven’t heard of any nurses having any charges in my experience so I was hoping to hear of success stories but there don’t seem to be many.
  2. Pat_17

    Licensure with felony

    Hi everyone! I currently have 2 semesters of nursing school left until I graduate with my ADN. The problem I have is I will be pleading guilty to a money laundering felony sometime later this year. I have never gotten in trouble before and really want to pursue nursing. I don’t know how this will impact being able to be licensed in North Carolina, and actually getting a job with this on my record. If anyone has any similar experience to mine or knows someone that does I would love to hear about it. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

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