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  1. RNinc4

    CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    It is, and it gets worse by the day! It would be nice to know if people have been accepted yet or if we are all still in limbo
  2. RNinc4

    CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    Do you remember how long after your interview you received your email for acceptance?
  3. RNinc4

    CRNA-Northshore/Depaul 2021 Start

    Yea im not sure either. Im guessing they do a certain amount of interviews, then send out emails to see how many people accept. Then they know how many spots are they have left before they do the next rounds of interviews. Hopefully we hear back soon!
  4. RNinc4

    CRNA-Northshore/Depaul 2021 Start

    I started this thread for those who have applied for the 2021 start date. Has anyone heard anything after interviewing yet?

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