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Leolly has 1 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Leolly

    Single parent working 12 hour shifts

    I will if I have to. Hospital job is where I'd prefer because the pay and experience is what I am looking for. The jobs I've looked into out there don't do 8s for the main hospitals. I prefer the schedule of 12s but if I can't make 12s work, I will do 8s.
  2. Leolly

    Single parent working 12 hour shifts

    Yes, they are military kiddos and used to moving. They are excited to move back. Chicago was where I grew up and not where I want to live. VA Beach was where they were born and where I consider my home. I know I will make it work, just looking around for suggestions and ideas for when I start my career.
  3. Leolly

    Single parent working 12 hour shifts

    I would love to be involved with being on programs that come up with ideas to help other nurses in their professions, including kid care. But totally right about needing to get the job first and already having kid care is a part being able to get the job. Funny little circle isn't it? LOL "I found a grandma type caregiver. She was happy to come in, and put the kids to bed. Be there if they woke up. Of course it all depends on the individual that you find. Best wishes." - Did you find your caregiver in a local place or a specific website? I lived in VA Beach for 8 years before we moved to Chicago so I am at least familiar with the basic places that offer care there. Now reading this again, thinking of possibly reaching out to nursing programs and local churches to see if there are any caregivers interested.
  4. Hi all, I am new to this site and hoping to get some positive feedback. Looking for tips to working 12 hour hospital shifts as a single parent. I looked at care.com for a general idea for kid care and WOW!!- $$$. Anybody care to share ideas they either use or know of that work for shift workers with kiddos? I'd love to hear all ideas. Even unconventional ones. Curious and determined to use multiple minds to find a solution here. Background: I currently have my LPN and will have my RN in the Summer of 2021. I work as a care tech 7p-7a in a PEDS/PICU in a local hospital and do part-time home health care for pediatric patients while my kids are in school during the day. Now my family in Chicago helps while I am in school and working. I am moving from Chicago to Virginia Beach after I graduate in 2021 with my twin school age kids. My kids grew up in VA Beach so we are moving back home. My ex-husband is not in the picture. I do have a small support system out there already. Thanks in advance for the help

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