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ToriRNtoBe LPN

NICU/Pediatric Home Health
New New Nurse Student
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ToriRNtoBe is a LPN and specializes in NICU/Pediatric Home Health.

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  1. ToriRNtoBe

    How many NICU nurses were NICU parents?

    I am a tech in the NICU right now, and set to graduate in December and begin my nursing career here. My son was in the NICU in 2016 and I went back to school for nursing by the time he was 6 months old. It just hits us NICU mamas a certain way I think!
  2. ToriRNtoBe

    Pearson vue trick results on hold 😳

    I thought the same thing, but my QR posted yesterday without any issues, so I don't think they truly mean "business" hours when they say that LOL Fingers crossed for you!

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