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    Certification without the Job

    Hi there! I started out nursing in an LTACH where we had a LOT of various wounds with varying degrees of care needs and, while wounds are objectively gross, I actually enjoyed the wound care and working with our wound RN. We also had a lot of ostomies and did a lot of troubleshooting (especially at night when they inevitably blew at 0300) and so I learned to become pretty comfortable with ostomy care as well. Now I work in a MICU that doesn't see a lot of complex wounds but when we do get some sort of wound care (usually a POA pressure ulcer from a NH). And ostomies that blow? Panic. I have no qualms about ostomy care, apparently, and always offer to do the bag changes and I realized I kind of enjoy doing that stuff, especially since it seems to be a skill that's lacking on nights. My question is this: If you obtain your WOCN (or any other combo), do you then HAVE to work as a wound nurse? Could you theoretically work in your home unit and use your specialty more or less PRN? Like, why wait for the wound team to evaluate a possible pressure ulcer in the AM or fix a wound vac dressing when I could be there right then and there? Thanks in advance, for advice and also for reading my rambling.

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