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ICU RN-andrews specializes in ICU/trauma.

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  1. ICU RN-andrews

    I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions!

    CONGRATS!! It such a relief, right, Mdelainy?! I felt the same way. I thought I failed. But they said when you struggle is because the questions are way above passing level; that’s what the Kaplan representatives would always say.
  2. ICU RN-andrews

    I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions!

    I had about 20 SATA & 2 ordered responses
  3. ICU RN-andrews

    I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions!

    Hi! I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions two days ago. I don’t want to make this loong. I just wanted to tell you what worked for me. 1. Don’t spend too much time in one given question. This will make you over analyze each option. 2. YOU HAVE TO KNOW CONTENT. There is no way around. NCLEX is not an easy exam, and it shouldn’t be easy. We have a huge responsibility to care for people’s lives. Be responsible: learn to say NO—there is time for everything, take breaks, set a routine, be excited because you are a step closer to be what you’ve dreamt about! 3. Kaplan & UWorld are amazing. Between both programs, I completed 4200+ questions. My grades in the beginning weren’t great, but after I remediation they began to improve. I did 150Q per day. Took breaks in between.