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  1. noramaye

    L&D - How long to get used to c-sections?

    Thank you both so much for your input! I didn't realize the L&D nurse circulates - I don't think I would have any issue with that. I watched a few c-section videos to see how well I could take it (of course not the same as in-person surgery). I mostly just didn't realize how much force went into it and was mostly concerned with the comfort of the mom, I think I would feel the same in-person, but will of course see how things go when I get to that point. I generally am not squeamish, I was just put off by the 2 nurses I know who are also not squeamish but can't deal with c-sections. I will keep the big breakfast in mind! Thank you again.
  2. Hello! I am taking prerequisites and applying to ABSN programs, and am currently taking a break from studying to research specialities. I am interested in being a labor & delivery nurse for many reasons, but a few nurses I know (who work in other specialities) say that observing a c-section was the only thing that ever made them feel like they would pass out. Of course that could be unique to them, but I just wanted to see if this is common at first, and if so, how long it typically takes to get used to assisting in a c-section. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  3. noramaye

    University at Buffalo ABSN 2021

    Hey! Submitted my application a few weeks ago, now we wait! 🙂
  4. Hey, some of the nurse residency programs I've seen take nurses with less than 1 year of nursing experience - you don't have to be brand new. Hope things are turning around for you.
  5. Hi everyone! I am taking the prerequisites I need to apply to the University at Buffalo ABSN program, to hopefully start in May 2021. I was wondering if anyone has any idea which types of applicants tend to get in (what kind of experience they have, etc.), and how much they value healthcare experience. Any input at all about the program is greatly appreciated!