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  1. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    CPNRE - November 2020

    Congratulations guys πŸŽ‰ wrote the exam November 24th, and I passed the exam too. All glory belongs to God πŸ™πŸ»
  2. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    CPNRE - November 2020

    Me πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Still waiting for the result. wrote the exam November 24th.
  3. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    CPNRE - November 2020

    hi Jev, tomorrow I'm going to write the exam, I am a re-taker too, . can you give me some tips, so I have an idea about the exam? thank you. praying all of us will pass the exam. nothing is impossible with God πŸ™
  4. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    CPNRE - November 2020

    hi guys, im going to take the cpnre exam on November 24, I hope and pray all of us will pass the exam πŸ™ God bless
  5. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    cpnre 2020

    Does anyone here who’s going to take the cpnre exam this November? Any tips to pass the exam? Sad to say It’s my second attempt because I failed my first exam last June 2020. Hope you can help me guys. Thank you
  6. Jer2911AblessedNurse

    CPNRE November- December 2019

    Hi, Hi guys, I’m new here, can somebody help me with the study material for cpnre? I took the cpnre exam last June 6, 2020 and sad to say I failed I got only 97, so I am planning to take the exam again for the second time this Novembe...