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  1. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Hi everyone, thought I’d leave my email here for anyone to reach out with regard to questions/details about my current job in underwriting. My email is I check my email way more often than I check this forum, so please e...
  2. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    I feel for you, girl! Praying the right job for you will come your way when the time is right.
  3. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    HA - I must have done the same before I landed my current gig. So happy for you - hope you love it!
  4. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Hi everyone! The company I work for hires people in all states and, from my understanding, everyone they are hiring now is 100% remote. Unfortunately my company is only doing internal hiring for the time being. I think it’ll be sometime in ...
  5. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    I’ve only been doing it for about 4 months, but I still love it. Some of the other nurses I trained with seem to be a little stressed, but I think it all comes down to how your brain is wired - it’s the perfect job for me and the way my brain works. ...
  6. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    I was the same way - making 6 figures doing the Telehealth nursing stuff but the stress was not worth the money.
  7. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    It depends on where you live. When I lived on the east coast, I was only making about $57k as a floor nurse. In California, I was making about $93k as a floor nurse. The job I’m at now starts at $80-90k, independent of where you live. The pay cut to ...
  8. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    My company laptop makes me login to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) everyday and I make sure I am connected to either private wifi or hotspot on my phone. Also, I don’t feel comfortable posting the name of my company on a public forum, but if yo...
  9. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Just to give an update to anyone who might be following this thread - I actually started a job in June that I would consider to be my “dream job!” I started applying on LinkedIn and found a medical/life insurance company that was hiring a cohort...
  10. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Hi fellow nurses! I have recently started a remote/work from home job doing Telehealth nurse navigaton, which is basically just a call center and I am on the phone with patients all day. I am very micromanaged and have Aux codes to use even for ...
  11. Remote Nursing Jobs in California

    Hi All! I am currently a registered nurse in California with 2 years of experience - one year in neurotelemetry and one year in labor & delivery. I am already getting burnt out from the stress of being on the floor coupled with the deteriora...
  12. L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update. So I decided to expand my search beyond just San Diego and ended up landing three interviews - one in LA, one in Irvine, and one in San Diego (the San Diego one was due to the help of a fellow allnurses fr...
  13. L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    @lpjohnso Many leads, but no luck landing an interview yet. However, I would absolutely love to know more about the position on your LDRP unit!! I can't seem to private message you. I created an email address so you can email me and I can give you my...
  14. L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    Hey Madeline, I didn’t even know about these hospitals, so thank you! It looks like there are a few L&D positions at some of these facilities, so I will definitely apply. Great advice.I’ll let you know if something lands!
  15. L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    Thanks for your response! I am going to try to get my AWHONN Intermediate FHM certificate in the meantime.