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VitaminSea is a ADN, RN and specializes in Medical/Surgical ICU.

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  1. VitaminSea

    New Grad Needs Advice! ED or M/S?

    I am also a new grad RN so this is simply my opinion. But if I was in your shoes I would take the job that your heart is in. Pay is a huge part of it but why take the M/S job if your heart is not there. You said your dream is the ED and you so happen to have that offer in your hands! Like I said, this is my opinion but I would take the dream job over more pay. Get experience there and see if thats what you want to do.
  2. VitaminSea

    Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Thank you! That actually gives me some hope that I can still get rehired if I choose.
  3. VitaminSea

    Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Where I live they would not hire a new grad who did not have a BSN or some kind of experience in peds/NICU. Adult ICU was the way to go if I even want to try to go in that area. I tried L&D and with covid there is nothing. Again these areas are super competitive. It’s hard for a new grad ADN to even step foot into peds in my state.
  4. VitaminSea

    Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    The comments don't bother me, everyone has their opinion. It's a matter of respecting the other person that's all. In regards to your post, my manager handled it well I thought. I spoke with HR and my recruiter, they told me I am free to search and apply for positions within the hospital system and would go through the same process as any other candidate. They did not tell me if there was a blacklist or do not rehire list (I asked and got no answer from that). Not sure if I am on it, I was kind with the manager about it and there was no point of continuing to stay if I was going to leave. He even said he wouldn't want to keep training me if I decided on something else (makes sense). I was an "at will" employee as many employees are and I was in the very beginning stages of my orientation (no actual floor experience had happened at that point).
  5. VitaminSea

    Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Thanks everyone for the input! I do feel like I made the right choice and am just going to focus on getting as much experience as I can. Learn as much as possible from the ICU and go from there. It's nice hearing from experienced individuals and their sides to their story. This was one of the reasons why I did not think the position was going to be good for me. Rotating every 2 weeks was a huge downfall. The new position I was offered is straight nights with a chance of going to days after 6 months. I feel like I would be able to better handle that than the rotating shifts on top of driving an hour to and from work (if I am lucky with traffic).
  6. VitaminSea

    Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Hey everyone, So, as the title says... I am a new grad and just quit my first nursing job with less than 2 weeks on orientation. Just a little background, my first nursing job was as an ICU float RN at a level 1 trauma center rotating days/nights every 2 weeks (full time). While I was excited for this opportunity, I was not thrilled about working downtown which was an hour away from my house. I have a close hospital near me (about 25 min) that offered me a position in their Medical/Surgical ICU. I have had clinical there before and was comfortable with it, knew some of the nurses and doctors as well. Well, I decided to quit my job to accept the one closer to me. I talked with my manager and said that the commute was just more than I realized and was not having a great experience thus far. However, I feel as though I am going to be a "blacklisted" candidate or on a "do not hire" list with this hospital even though I was an "at-will" employee. Which, I never wanted to happen because they have a children's hospital that I eventually would love to go work at. My plan was to work adult ICU for a 1-1.5 years and then work in the NICU/PICU whichever one I felt more drawn to. I now feel like that is not going to be possible as I feel they will never want to rehire me for their children's hospital (its attached to the one I was working at). Does anyone have advice for an anxious new grad who just wants to get into the specialty they want? How do I know I have been blacklisted with this company? I feel very dumb at the moment because I think I ruined my chances of ever working there again. Please be nice in the comments. No reason to be rude! & thank you to those in advance!
  7. VitaminSea

    Adult ICU to NICU?

    How do you like it so far?! I’m in the same predicament as you were. I am starting in Adult ICU and hope to transfer at some point after a year.
  8. VitaminSea

    Adult ICU to NICU?

    Hi everyone, Just was wondering if any nurse on here has ever worked adult ICU and switched over to the NICU? Where I live, the hospitals typically do not hire new grads or have a nurse residency for the NICU or any pediatric positions for that matter. The recruiters I have talked to mentioned that these positions always need at least 1 year of RN experience. So, I accepted a position in the adult ICU float pool at a level 1 adult/pediatric trauma center. I am hoping this will give me some edge to when I apply for NICU later on (even though they are completely different specialties). Pretty much just wanted to know if anyone here has transitioned from the adult ICU population to the NICU. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! I was just wondering what floor/unit you would recommend to get the best experience or best chance of getting into the PICU with? In my state, it is difficult to get into any pediatric position without nursing experience (I am a new grad) and they usually want at least 1 year, if not more RN experience for any peds job. Did anyone on here get in through adult med/surg or what unit did you previously transition from? Thanks so much!
  10. VitaminSea

    Favorite specialty? Why?

    Hi Everyone, I was asking this question because I am curious to see how you all discovered what your favorite specialty is and why. I am having a hard time with my own decisions of what specialties I like or would want to try. So, I am just looking to see how any of you decided on a specialty and knew that was the one for you! Thanks!
  11. VitaminSea

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    Hi everyone! I am brand new to this site and excited to be able to participate in the forums. I just graduated in May with my ADN and will be taking the NCLEX very soon! I wanted to hop on here and ask what your thoughts are on about starting in L&D and possibly switching to NICU? I am in love with both specialties personally, however, in my state they rarely hire new grads in the NICU. It is very hard to get into one, whereas L&D is quite popular and easier to get into (not many available positions though). As you can see by my name I am all for OB and NICU. It is a dream of mine to even be able to work in either unit! I am really just looking to see if L&D is a good place to start if I want to transition to NICU later on. Thank you!!

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