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SillyFever has 2 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ICU/L&D/.

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  1. Which ICU do you like and why?

    I have only done one ICU, so I can't speak for others. However, I used to work in a mixed medical/surgical ICU and I really liked it. It was a mix of everything from cardiac, GI, neuro, respiratory, etc. I will say though we got a lot of overdoses/wi...
  2. Would you rather stay as an RN or work as a NP?

    That’s amazing! I am really glad you like being a NP. Maybe one day I might move into the role, but I have no idea where I want to be. I’m happy in my role as an RN and like the flexibility in moving all around. Think I might go into ER next 😜
  3. Hi everyone, Just curious on the opinions I might get to this question. Would you rather stay as an RN and work pretty much in any specialty? Or do you think becoming an NP is worth specializing for? This is not a personal question (I am no...
  4. CNM with no L&D experience

    Hi everyone, So pretty much like the title suggests I am looking for opinions on those who have went to a Certified Nurse Midwifery program without any labor and delivery experience. I graduated May 2020 and currently have long-term care and ICU...
  5. Do my stats look good for CRNA school?

    Hi Everyone, Pretty much looking for advice on what other SRNA's and CRNA's think about my current stats for CRNA school. ADN - 3.5 GPA Science - 3.25 GPA BSN - 4.0 GPA I work in an adult ICU and currently have one year (I k...
  6. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    While you may have a lower GPA than another candidate - this isn't always what Graduate Schools look at. They will take everything into consideration, especially since you do have 20 years of experience in doula & childbirth education. However, t...
  7. Peds Urgent Care

    Hello I am looking for advice from fellow pediatric nurses on this forum. I have been looking into pediatric positions and would love to at some point be able to transition into peds ED or PICU. I haven’t had any luck finding these positions or lan...
  8. Women’s Health NP

    Thank you for your reply! There is one grad school where I live that offers a dual CNM/WHNP degree - I have been thinking about this. As for my career, I know I want to specialize in women's health. I honestly don't have much interest in other specia...
  9. Women’s Health NP

    Hello all, Just a little background. I am a new grad nurse, currently working full time at a nursing home. I am almost halfway through my BSN and am thinking about my future. I’ve always wanted to specialize in women’s health and particularly be...
  10. L&D - is it a good place to start?

    Thank you for the input. I never actually got a job in either of those departments since there hasn't been a lot of jobs available for those units where I live. I ended up in adult ICU and hope to be able to move specialty areas within my nursing car...
  11. New Grad Needs Advice! ED or M/S?

    I am also a new grad RN so this is simply my opinion. But if I was in your shoes I would take the job that your heart is in. Pay is a huge part of it but why take the M/S job if your heart is not there. You said your dream is the ED and you so happen...
  12. Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Thank you! That actually gives me some hope that I can still get rehired if I choose.
  13. Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Where I live they would not hire a new grad who did not have a BSN or some kind of experience in peds/NICU. Adult ICU was the way to go if I even want to try to go in that area. I tried L&D and with covid there is nothing. Again these areas are s...
  14. Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    The comments don't bother me, everyone has their opinion. It's a matter of respecting the other person that's all. In regards to your post, my manager handled it well I thought. I spoke with HR and my recruiter, they told me I am free to search and a...
  15. Quit While in Orientation (New grad)

    Thanks everyone for the input! I do feel like I made the right choice and am just going to focus on getting as much experience as I can. Learn as much as possible from the ICU and go from there. It's nice hearing from experienced individuals and thei...