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  1. FaithfulNurse

    Favorite specialty? Why?

    Hi Everyone, I was asking this question because I am curious to see how you all discovered what your favorite specialty is and why. I am having a hard time with my own decisions of what specialties I like or would want to try. So, I am just looking to see how any of you decided on a specialty and knew that was the one for you! Thanks!
  2. FaithfulNurse

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    Hi everyone! I am brand new to this site and excited to be able to participate in the forums. I just graduated in May with my ADN and will be taking the NCLEX very soon! I wanted to hop on here and ask what your thoughts are on about starting in L&D and possibly switching to NICU? I am in love with both specialties personally, however, in my state they rarely hire new grads in the NICU. It is very hard to get into one, whereas L&D is quite popular and easier to get into (not many available positions though). As you can see by my name I am all for OB and NICU. It is a dream of mine to even be able to work in either unit! I am really just looking to see if L&D is a good place to start if I want to transition to NICU later on. Thank you!!

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