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    Online RN Programs

    I havent heard of any RN programs full online apart from being temporarily that way from COVID, but if you are looking for doing prerequisites online you could check a local community College. I'm starting my prereqs in a few months and all the ones I need for my ADN are online, and all for my BSN except for Chemistry are as well. I plan to be online as much as I can before I have no choice and start my nursing program.
  2. Hi, I'm starting my first semester of prerequisites for my local community colleges ADN. I was just wondering, would you do all of your generals, including those needed for the BSN bridge before trying to apply to the nursing program, or just those relating to the ADN and do the ones relating to the BSN after obtaining my ADN. For the ADN I would need to complete, English Comp 1, College Algebra, Humanities, Psychology or Sociology, A&P 1&2, Microbiology, Nutrition, and Human Growth and Development. For the BSN I would need all of the ones from the ADN, as well as Chemistry, English Comp 2, Spanish 1&2, Humanities, Government, and Statistics. Also, should I do both Psychology and Sociology, only one is required. And should I take medical terminology which isn't required but I really don't a medical background at all so not sure if it would be beneficial. If you made it all this way, thank you. I know it was a lot and I appreciate whatever input you have 😀