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    Yale GEPN 2020

    Hi Everyone! I just got emailed by Jana that a spot opened and have been admitted from the waitlist. I'm so excited! I know someone asked about their plan for the fall given the current pandemic. I asked Jana a similar question, and here was her her response: "We are planning to start the fall as expected on August 31 with orientation being held online (given concerns with large crowds in closed spaces). The orientation will be released as a set of weekly videos/live check-ins over the course of the month of August. We will also open registration early (August 3) for all GEPN students so that we can connect in time should anyone encounter issues. Furthermore, our billing will be delayed by one month which we hope will be helpful to all. Aside from that, we do plan to have hybrid mode of instruction. Large lectures will likely be held fully online as those tend to be less dynamic whereas skills labs/SIM will still be on-site. Any clinical experiences may be pushed to later in the Fall or swapped with Spring (if needed though we hope not)."

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