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  1. I passed the AANP

    @pattyrn941 I know how devastated it feels walking out the test center knowing you fail... but failure does not define who you are as a person or how far you have accomplished to get here! Yes the anxiety is even worse, but just take it as a lea...
  2. I passed the AANP

    @ready2nurse5 Hi there, I’ve been wanting to respond to your post since you posted but I was getting ready for exam. I wanted to wait till after my exam to see how I did so I can give you my study tools and habits . Thank God I passed as of last...
  3. Passed AANP-FNP Exam July 2020

    @VARN2016 hi there, when you said u liked APEA, what did you like about it? did you do practice questions from the QBank of APEA? Do you feel that the questions on the exam is similar to APEA or harder? I am also preparing for the AANP boards the en...
  4. I passed the AANP

    Hello, Thanks for the tip and CONGRATS on passing! I wish I can say the same for myself. I failed AANP two months ago and just took the leik review to prepare myself again.. and I have to say I’m super Nervous and so doubtful to sit on the exam again...
  5. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    Thank you so much for this post!! I am currently doing the Leik review and hoping to take the exam soon. However, in my case I recently failed my FNP exam literally by 8 points. Passing was 500 and I got 492. I am definitely disappointed and was depr...