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  1. Joliet Junior College (JJC) Fall 2021

    I won’t be working full-time thank goodness, but I have 2 kids and an doing the daytime program. I’m already looking for as many resources that can help me prepare! I’m in a few FB groups as well. I’m hoping OB won’t be as bad as I think because I’m ...
  2. Joliet Junior College (JJC) Fall 2021

    I hope so too!! Keep us in the loop, I’d love to know. I’m retaking A&P 2 (already retook A&P 1), Human Development, and I’m taking Nutrition. The only 3 I have left is Micro, Soc 290, and Speech which I’m taking this Summer! I wanted to have...
  3. Joliet Junior College (JJC) Fall 2021

    Yes!! I’m so excited! I got my acceptance letter late last night but I saw it this morning. I’m so nervous, but looking forward to it! I honestly was worried that everyone got an 82 or higher ?
  4. Joliet Junior College (JJC) Fall 2021

    Anyone applying to JJC for Fall 2021? What was your TEAS score, how is your application looking, are you excited?! I got an 82% on the TEAS VI and am finishing up retaking pre-req’s as I have a few C’s and old science courses!
  5. $99 General Chemistry?

    Hello future nurses! So, I might have stumbled upon a gem! ASU has a program called "Earned Admission" for individuals interested in applying, but feel that they might not have the "edge" they need for admission. They offer various courses that are u...
  6. Portage Learning Study Buddies

    Hi Mindy! I will be taking Microbiology and A&P II through Portage! I'd love to be your study buddy :)